110% Program for Non-Profits

If you are like most non-profit organizations and service clubs, there are two resources you need most. The first is participation, whether that is clients, donors, members, supporters and the second if funding to maintain your organization and provide the membership services.

Ultimate Destiny
has discovered that most development training companies target their programs and products to the so called “top 13 %” of the marketplace. They say it is easier to sell development training programs to this segment of the market because it appreciates the value of continuing education, personal and professional development.

Ultimate Destiny and its partners who have created the Expanding the Circle of Success program are dedicated to reaching, serving and helping empower the other 87% of the population.

We applaud the vision and mission of the non-profit organizations selected to receive the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award and are pleased to be able to help people learn of and support their work. Ultimate Destiny created a special 110% Fundraising Program for selected NPO’s to help members benefit from our Ultimate Destiny Success System and to help provide additional funding for the organization.

We create a special edition of our 15 part, 700 + page Ultimate Destiny Success System to honor our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award winners and to feature selected NPO’s. In addition, we create a position for the NPO’s in our Ultimate Destiny Affiliate Program.

While we invite the NPO’s to help us introduce our programs to your members, that is optional. You do not have to do anything to receive 50% of the purchase price whenever someone buys the special edition from the web page we create for each selected NPO’s special edition of the Ultimate Destiny Success System.

It is our sincere hope that once you begin to see the results of our fundraising programs and hear testimonials from your members and supporters of how much value they have received from the Ultimate Destiny Success System, you will let us show you how your NPO could receive up to 110% of the purchase price for the Ultimate Destiny Success System.

The 110% Fundraising Program is rather simple really and it is designed based on tested and proven marketing principles such as “spaced repetition” and “trusted agent relationships”. Experts tell us that most people have to see something presented 6 to 7 times before they decide to give it a try.

Therefore, for any tax exempt non-profit organization that encourages their members to consider our programs, we will make a donation of 50% on any sales in the first month. The actual accounting and payment will happen within 45 to 90 days of the sales.
For every additional month that a non-profit organization encourages their members to consider our programs, we will make an additional donation of 10% on top of the base 50%. For tax exempt organizations, we will make donations of up to 110%.

“Why on earth would we do that?”, you might ask or “How could we possibly afford to pay out more than we receive from product sales?”

The answer is simple. It’s just good, no make that “brilliant” business sense! We believe the key to our success in helping individuals, organizations and communities realize more of their potential is to develop ongoing relationships of trust by providing valuable and sincere services that produce meaningful results.

We have invested thousands of hours developing and designing programs, products and systems that enable us to tailor and customize most of our programs to match the level of interest of each customer and potential member. Each of the stand-alone components of the Ultimate Destiny Success System is designed to meet the participant at their level of consciousness and level of priority interest in that particular topic.

Each of our programs includes powerful and insightful pre and post self-assessments exercises, fun interactive quizzes, personal discovery exercises, goal setting and implementation planning tools, featured resources from some of the world’s top resource providers, and supplemental support such as teleseminars, webinars, coaching, and live events.

In addition, each program contained in the Ultimate Destiny Success System is designed to help participants discover how and why they will benefit from acquiring some of the many other programs as well as the valuable benefits of membership in Ultimate Destiny.

Because Ultimate Destiny has designed all of our programs to provide such valuable services and benefits that build ongoing trusted relationships with those who experience our programs, products and services, we can rather easily afford to in effect “give them away”.

We hold an overarching vision of helping Expand the Circle of Success, partly by providing expanded access to the world’s best development training resources to previously underserved populations.

We realize that it is in the best interest of Ultimate Destiny that we reach, serve and bless as many individuals as possible because some of them will discover and appreciate the advantages of the life-long study of successful living skills and our growth, success and the fulfillment of our individual and corporate ultimate destinies will reinforce one another in synergistic ways.

Every program and product from Ultimate Destiny comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or the company will issue a full refund. That policy includes our 110% Fundraising Program.

If any participating non-profit organization ever decides not to continue participating in our programs, we will gladly complete the full payment for any sales that the NPO has generated and fulfill any outstanding membership commitments to members their efforts may have generated.

In summary, we have selected these initial non-profit organizations whose work we are happy to support. We invite you to invest the time to learn more about Ultimate Destiny, our Hall of Fame Award Program for NPO’s and our 110% Fundraising Programs for non-profit organizations. More details and the list of initial non-profit organizations to benefit can be found at www.harnessyourcreativepower.com/fundraising_programs.htm

The team members have participated in scores of training programs and now want to share those that work with this larger audience. For example, anyone who wants to learn more about how to write and publish and market a book, will be introduced to Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book Marketing University.

Anyone who wants to learn about how to create and market electronic programs or e-books will be introduced to How to Create and Market E-books training by David Riklan founder of Selfgrowth.com. He teaches a training program over several weeks that includes the secrets and techniques he used to sell over $108,000 worth of his first e-book in less than 24 hours.

Anyone who saw The Secret or read the book, will want to learn more about the new Science of Getting Rich program that The Secret Teachers Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michale Beckwith have developed.

Coming Soon to this page near you . . .

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Mark Twain quote

Einstein quote about solving problems at the level of thinking (or consciousness) where we create them.

Earl Nightingale story, the man, the puzzle and the world.

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